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Запрошуємо на лекцію видатного вченого проф. Бюхнера!



7 жовтня 2021 р. о 14:00 всі бажаючі мають унікальну можливість послухати лекцію Prof. R. Buchner (Regensburg University, Germany) "Dielectric Spectroscopy - A versatile tool in solution chemistry" за посиланням

Ідентифікатор конференції: 859 5744 0499, Код доступу: 182936

Dielectric Spectroscopy - A versatile tool in solution chemistry

After a short introduction of the basic principles of dielectric spectroscopy in the microwave to terahertz range with particular emphasis on the investigation of liquids, prof. R. Buchner will discuss specific examples studied in his laboratory. The areas of interest will include aqueous electrolyte solutions, ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents, neurotransmitters, and polymer hydration discussed using  PNIPAM as an example.


Prof. Richard BUCHNER (h = 54, Regensburg university, Bayern) is a representative of one of the most well known schools of Physical Chemistry - the school of an emeritus professor Joseph Barthel. Since his postgraduate years, Prof. R. Buchner engaged in the development of approaches and instrumentation in the method of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy for the study of liquids. He is the author of more than 190 articles in top-ranking journals and the direct leader of numerous international collaborations. Laboratory of Prof. R. Buchner exhibits unique equipment, software, and methodologies for processing and analyzing experimental dielectric data. We can rightfully claim that R. Buchner became one of the founders of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and one of the most famous and productive scientists working in the field of aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, electrolyte and non-electrolyte solutions, micellar systems, etc.